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Welcome to Kochi Tourism - Where History Meets Modernity

Step into the vibrant city of Kochi, where the past gracefully blends with the present. Kochi Tourism invites you to explore the rich heritage, bustling markets, and picturesque waterfront that make this city a true cultural melting pot.


Discover the Historical Charms

Kochi's historical significance dates back to centuries of trade and cultural exchange. Explore the iconic Fort Kochi, with its colonial architecture and charming streets. The Mattancherry Palace and the Jewish Synagogue are testimonies to the city's multicultural past.

Chinese Fishing Nets - A Unique Sight

Witness the age-old Chinese fishing nets lining the Kochi waterfront. These iconic nets, introduced by Chinese traders, offer a glimpse into Kochi's maritime heritage and create a picturesque setting during sunset.


Kochi Harbor - A Gateway to the World

Experience the bustling activity of Kochi Harbor, a major port that has connected the city to the world for centuries. Take a ferry ride to nearby islands like Vypeen or Bolgatty and enjoy the scenic views of the backwaters.


Kathakali Dance - A Spectacle of Tradition

Immerse yourself in the vibrant colors and rhythmic movements of Kathakali, a traditional dance form that narrates tales from ancient epics. Witnessing a live performance is a must for a true cultural experience.


Jew Town - A Shopper's Delight

Indulge in shopping at Jew Town, known for its antique shops, spice markets, and local handicrafts. Take home souvenirs that reflect the essence of Kochi's rich culture and heritage.


Culinary Delights - A Gastronomic Journey

Explore the diverse flavors of Kochi's cuisine, influenced by its multicultural history. From seafood delicacies to traditional Kerala dishes, the city offers a delightful gastronomic journey.


Plan Your Kochi Experience

Kochi Tourism is here to curate your unforgettable journey. Whether you wish to delve into history, savor the local flavors, or simply soak in the city's vibrant ambiance, we have the perfect itinerary for you.

Experience the allure of Kochi, where the past and the present intertwine to create a captivating cityscape. Book your journey now and be enchanted by the charm of this cultural haven

Best Tourist Places Kochi
LuLu Mall   Kerala Folklore Museum   Wonderla Amusement Park   Jew Town   Edappally Church Complex
   Marine Drive  Paradesi Synagogue   Fort Kochi Beach  Mattancherry  Fort Cochin Ferry  Strings Museum   Cherai Beach   Willingdon Island  
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   Marine Drive.jpg
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Jew Town.jpg
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 Edappally Church Complex.jpg
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