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Pathanamthitta Tourist Places

Pathanamthitta is a center for devotees and also a retreat for the eyes with its dense forests, rivers, and rural landscapes. Some of the exquisite places to visit in Pathanamthitta are Sabarimala Sri Dharmasastha Temple, Aranmala Parthasarathy Temple, Konni Forest Reserve, Achankovil River, Perunthenaruvi waterfall, Malayalappuzha Devi temple, Gavi village, Pandalam Bridge, Konni and Adavi, etc.

Perunthenaruvi Waterfall

Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls are waterfalls 36 km from Pathanamthitta in Pathanamthitta District, Central Travancore region, Kerala State, India. It is a popular tourist destination situated in Vechoochira Panchayat of Ranni taluk. Perunthenaruvi Waterfalls  to relax, and rejuvenate, Perunthenaruvi waterfall by the bank of the Pamba River against the backdrop of the Western ghats is a treat to eyes

Achankovil River

chankovil is a river in Kerala, India, which originates in the Achankovil Reserve Forests in the Pathanamthitta district by the confluence of the Rishimala, Pasukidamettu, and Ramakkalteri Rivers. The Anchankovil enriches the Alappuzha and Pathanamthitta district of Kerala state. 
The river is unique in that along its route is a large number of ancient temples, indicating that the richness of the river basin has been identified by humans since ancient times and they preferred to settle down there so that they could grow their crops on the fertile lands. Edappon, a place famous for its flora and fauna, near Pandalam is on the banks of the Achankovil river.


 This is mostly due to the lore surrounding this exotic village, famous for the genius of its craftsmen and the ancient vibe one experiences the moment oneenters. Aranmula is famous for its Aranmula Kannadi (metal mirrors), the centuries’ old Sree Krishna Temple, the unique ritualistic feast of `Vallasadya,’ and famed Aranmula Boat Race and the list goes on.

Thriveni Sangamam

Situated on the way to Sabarimala, the Thriveni Sanganam as the name suggests is the point where the Holy Pamba River meets with the Manimala River in its north and with the Achankovil River in the south. The devotees stop here to take a dip in the holy water to wash away their sins.This pilgrimage spot draws visitors too who come here to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the place.


Sabarimala Sree Dharma Sastha Temple, dedicated to Lord Ayyappa, is the most famous and prominent among all the Sastha temples in Kerala.The temple is situated on a hilltop (about 3000 feet above sea level) named Sabarimala in Pathanamthitta district, which is unique. The temple is open to people belonging to all religions. There is a place near the temple; east of Sannidhanam (the abode of Lord Ayyappa), dedicated to Vavar (a close friend of Lord Ayyappa) which is called Vavaru Nada, an epitome of religious harmony. Another unique aspect of this temple is that it is not open throughout the year. It is open for worship only during the days of Mandalapooja, Makaravilakku, Vishu and also during the first day of every Malayalam month.


Gavi is an Eco-Tourism a project of the Kerala Forest Development Corporation located in Pathanamthitta district, Kerala. Gavi, located in Pathanamthitta district offers its visitors activities like trekking, wildlife watching, outdoor camping in specially built tents, and night safaris. Distance from Pathanamthitta To Gavi is 109 km 428 mtrs & Travel Time is 2 hour 5 mins By Road. Gavi is 14 km south west of Vandiperiyar

Konni Forest Reserve

The lush green land has been prominent as a haven of wild elephants and as an elephant training center. The large area of thick forest with wild animals made Konni to emerge as another tourist spot for safaris and trekking. In Kerala there are two elephant training centers, the other located at Kodanad. It is located in the Adoor revenue division and it is one of the major towns situated near it. Most Tamil workers in Kerala are in Konni

Muloor Smarakam

Muloor Smarakam or Muloor Memorial, siutated about 12 km from Pathanamthitta town is the memorial to Muloor S.Padmanabha Panicker(1869-1931) a renowned social reformer and poet, is located at Elavumthitta. His home at Elavumthitta is preserved as his monument by the Department of Culture of the State Government.


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